Goal 2 - Zero Hunger

Goal 2 - Zero Hunger

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End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

“Our soils, freshwater, oceans, forests and biodiversity are being rapidly degraded. Climate change is putting even more pressure on the resources we depend on, increasing risks associated with disasters such as droughts and floods. Many rural women and men can no longer make ends meet on their land, forcing them to migrate to cities in search of opportunities.”

Understanding where things are located through maps, allow us to where things are not. For food security, this can allow governments and NGOs to see where food deserts exist, gaps in food distribution and assistance centers are occuring, and for policy makers to understand where and what farmers are growing to conduct thorough outreach, assistance, and training.

What has been done?

Engaging Youth in Mapping Agriculture and Food Security - Kathmandu Living Labs trained local students, youths and farmers to map their village in OpenStreetMap. Villages were mapped to assist in government agricultural policy. Farmers used open tools to map crops to understand what is grown where, and what markets are available.

Building resilience of agricultural communities: Recently, agricultural communities in Colombia have suffered due to devastating earthquakes and high volumes of landslides during rainy seasons. Fundación OpenStreetMap Colombia are collaborating with local government and local organisations on the Countryside Mappers Program. In partnership with the local government, Unidad de Mapeo Humanitario and OSM Colombia will help build risk management and evacuation plans.

What else could be mapped?

  • Map access to food, such as household garden plots, outdoor markets, and grocery stores in order to identify food deserts
  • Map food distribution and assistance centers
  • Landuse and agricultural information such as crop types and seasonality
  • Map marketplaces and their products to assist farmers with planning
  • Map farms to guide NGOs and government agencies in reaching farmers for assistance and training opportunities

OSM Data Model

Category Key Value Description/notes
All facilities name Name of facility
noname yes If no name
opening_hours Hours of operation
addr:full Full addressand/or addr:city, addr:district, addr:street, etc.
wheelchair yes, no Wheelchair accessibility
contact Contact information for food resource
Food shops shop supermarket, farm Used as a place of business that has stocked goods for sale.
amenity restaurant, cafe If a food amenity, used to describe the type of facility.
cuisine , see wiki for suggested values For describing the type of food served at an eating place.
Distribution centers, food banks, pantries amenity social_facility Used to identify an amenity used for social services.
social_facility food_bank, soup_kitchen, community_centre, reception_centre, transit_centre, distribution For describing the type of social services provided.
social_facility:for community, refugees, child For describing the target population used by the social facility.
operator Name of operator
operator:type public, private, religious, ngo Type of operator
Markets amenity marketplace Used to identify a facility used for selling goods and services on a regular basis.
marketplace:type <agricultural, clothes,mixed> For describing the type of goods and services offered at a marketplace.
Community gardens leisure garden Area of land used for residential or public cultivation.
garden:type community, residential, roof_garden For describing the type of garden.
access yes, no For describing the public accessibility of a garden.
Farms landuse farmland, orchard, plant_nursery, aquaculture, forest Area of farmland used for tillage and pasture (animals, vegetables, flowers, fruit growing)
crop grass, wheat, cassava, coffee, The crop produced by cultivated land
produce fish, apples, live_animal Agricultural output, alternate to crop=*
animal cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, horse, Used to specify features related to a type of animal
Office office <association,company, government, lawyer, ngo, political_party, telecommunication> Used to identify a place of business or service used for administrative or professional work.
Additional resources: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Food_security